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Sumar Ranganathan Looking Hot

Suman Ranganathan is an Indian model and actress who has starred in many Hindi and Kannada films. Infact she is a kannadiga and initially her name was “Ranganath” but later she changed her name as Ranganathan.

Tall, lissome with a dusky complexion,wild mane and eyes that smoulder, it’s all what a girl named Suman Rnaganathan is all about. Talk about what her sex appeal is and you simply end up naming the full anatomy of a human structure. Bound to be bewitching, Suman sizzles on the screen. Inspite of the fact she doesn’t have any big banner yet to her credit she’s already the ‘one-hot-thing’and a ‘new-happening’ in the Bollywood.

The masses think she is next to Venus, but this Leo babe thinks she’s a pschyo. Suman Ranganathan’s passionate love for kids and animals justify her being a pschyo, according to her. She was noticed in films like ‘Fareb’ and ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalen’ and is acting in movies presently too.

She has had a string of link ups and talking about the list… it has been never ending. She has been more famous for her liaison’s more than for her performance. Every month there seems to be a new man in her life. Either she gets bored too easily, or she’s too damn fickle in love. It’s sad that the relationship with Rahul Roy never lasted, because they did seem to have a good strong thing going. Suman is quite a competent actress though. That’s one compliment that the sultry siren Suman Runganathan has been angling for over that past few months. “Now I just have a couple of hit numbers to dance to. I consolidate my repertoire so that I can put up grand stage shows,” she relates.

As of now she says she’s not fussy about the kind of roles she’s being offered, “I am not bothered about the footage, I am interested in the weightage these days. I want roles that create an impact and characters that I can relate to,” she elaborates. “But I can do with some good songs,” she reiterates. As of now Suman is playing Sanjay Dutt’s ladylove in ‘Mehbooba’ and then there’s the long-overdue Jackie starrer ‘Hadh’ on release. Here’s wishing Suman a song-n-dance of time.

Source : SmashHits